We don't create a fantasy world to escape reality. We create it to be able to stay.
Lynda Barry


It all begun with just playing around in the Mandelbulb3d software (the intereface is ugly as hell). Based on a very neat preference from a Mandelbulber called Andrew Hughes I created this bridge like rendering with a lot of details (it rendered for about 8 hours on my iMac). I also exported a depth map as a greyscale image to use it as a mask in Photoshop later.


The mandelbulb rendering inspired me to do a composing with the new Adobe Fuse CC (Preview). So I started up Fuse and created a zombie-like Jack Sparrow with a steampunk touch with a few clicks. Because my final image was going to be huge, I set all the textures on the highest resolution (1024 px) and saved then to my CC Libraries.


Then the fun really started: I placed my new character (I called him Hondra) into the rendered Mandelbulb world and animated his body with a pose preset (I just had to turn his head a little bit). I set up four light sources to visually embed the character in the scene. Then I tweaked the look and feel with some color lookup presets and used my depth image to mask this layers to give the scene more depth and a underwater feeling. And finally I loaded the whole scene with a lot of fishes, eels, jellyfishes and plankton noise.